Meet the Kiddo's


He is our wild 9 year old. He is full of energy, loves life, and is constantly making people laugh. He loves being the center of attention. He is my firstborn and changed my life in such a great degree. I then felt that my life was complete, boy was I wrong. Tyster has a overwhelming desire to get to know Jesus more and more. He has been praying for people since he was about 3 years old.  He has been diagnosed with ADHD but we do NOT medicate, not saying that we won’t or haven’t just right now we are managing with behavior therapy, keeping him super busy and lots of prayers. He loves music and will be singing at any time to himself or others. He has such a great heart and is an awesome big brother.


Our 3 year old, whom has such a gentle spirit, loves Jesus and cries at the thought of Jesus being hurt. He is very intelligent and has a desire to learn all of the time. He is much like Tyster and makes us laugh often although he doesn’t try to. He is our child that will sit by himself and read his books, play or sing to himself.

Monkey Boy

Yes, He got his nickname for a reason, he is wild! He is very, very outgoing, into everything in and out of sight. We have had to put locks on doors, pantry’s, refrigerators, etc. because he is very sneaky. He likes to make a lot of…yeah you guessed it…Noise. He’s so precious and is mama’s boy, but boy o boy is he a handful, LOL. He learns a lot from Tyster and Pook so hopefully he will turn out to be a pretty good combination of both. He loves tagging along with big brothers and loves helping with his baby brother. He is also the bully of the bunch, lol, He knows no boundaries. We pray he stays this much in love with life and uses it for God’s will.
  Baby E

Baby E was born 7 weeks early and has fought with all of his might to survive. He is a very content, spoiled baby boy. He’s healthy now and continuously gaining weight. He is our cuddler and doesn't like to be sat down.

Jac Jac

Sunshine is our 10 year old niece, she has been down a rough road in her short 10 years. Her testimony to show what God has done in her life will be an awesome one. We have been blessed by God placing her in our home, family, and hearts. She loves kitty cats and most animals, small moths keep her busy chasing them for hours. She is turning into quite the young lady.


He is such a strong young man, he is going to have a great testimony as well. Bubby is Sunshine’s shadow. He loves his big sister and has learned to depend on her quite a bit, she has been the stability in his life. She never complains just very happily helps him. He loves Sponge Bob Square Pants and being outdoors.